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Thru-the-wall AC sleeve Installation – PTAC wall AC sleeve and accessories installation ​Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, New York City, NYC

PTAC wall sleeve, WSD, USC, Plenum, PTAC Grille, Architectural Grille, Decorative Base, Extensions

PTAC HiTech possess vast experience in installation of thru-the-wall sleeves, PTAC wall sleeves and accessories. We have managed, executed and coordinated numerous projects with many property managers and owners of condos, coops and other buildings in and around New York City area of thru-the-wall air conditioner sleeves and PTAC wall sleeves installations.

Thru-the-wall air conditioners are essentially Room Air Conditioners installed in the wall instead of the window using wall sleeve. The thickness of the wall is a deciding factor whether to install thru-the-wall sleeve or slide-out chassis sleeve. Thru-the-wall sleeve, grille, and other assembly do not come with the air conditioners and are sold and installed separately. PTAC wall sleeve is different from the regular thru-the-wall sleeve in size and type.

Thru-the-wall sleeve or PTAC wall sleeve installation in high rise buildings in Manhattan and other areas is a very challenging task. It requires a great amount of expertise and skills. That’s why we have a dedicated team of EPA and OSHA certified Techs, Supervisors, and PMI certified Project managers.

PTAC HiTech exclusive Warranty on Thru-the-wall sleeve and PTAC wall sleeve installations why?

Because we believe if it’s done right the first time, it’s done right forever and we know what we do. It’s that simple