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Air Duct Cleaning Process

We follow approved Air Duct Cleaning Procedures:

  1. Video Inspection & recording-Before we start cleaning, we do a visual inspection of the air ducts both return and supply using Air Duct Video Inspection Camera designed especially for this work. Before and while we proceed to rest of the process, We take photographs & record the work to compare before and after the cleaning.
  2. Proper equipment-Our cleaning starts with the most powerful system available in the air duct cleaning industry. This is the most important factor as the entire cleaning process is based around having enough vacuum power to remove all particulates from your ductwork.
  3. Experienced Technicians-  The second most important part of your cleaning is our team of fully trained, uniformed technicians. We have extensive experience. Our technicians undergo frequent in-house training in order to stay current with the latest procedures and the newest equipment on the market.
  4. Vacuum & Brushing the Air Ducts-  To begin with, we vacuum & brush the air duct. All dust, dirt, and debris are pulled directly back to the vacuum. No dirt will enter your home.
  5. Register, Grilles & Vents cleaning-  The technician will remove and hand wash all grilles, supplies, and returns, registers, vent covers and stack heads with an EPA approved cleanser and sanitizer.
  6. Blower section-  Technicians will brush, vacuum and blow out entire blower section, making the motor run more efficiently and protect it from overheating.
  7. Sanitization- All ductwork will be sprayed with an EPA approved, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial wash for thorough sanitization. Then we perform odor neutralizer treatment, fogging & anti-fogging. If required, install improved Air Filtration for high efficiency and UV lights
  8. Sealing up- Any leaks in the air ducts are sealed and patched properly assuring no loss of air will occur.
  9. Completed job–  As you can see, all the dust, dirt and debris has been completely removed from the inside of ducts, leaving a cleaner, much more sanitary system. The air inside your home will create a fresher and healthier environment for you and your family.