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Is an air conditioner tune-up service, AC cleaning or AC preseason cleaning on your spring cleaning list?

When spring arrives, so many homeowners are working on their spring cleaning lists. Most homeowners include things like putting away the winter linens, washing floors and windows and generally decluttering the home among their list of things that need doing. However, do not forget to include an air conditioner tune up on the spring cleaning list. Before you know it, the hot weather will arrive and that air conditioner will be put to use in cooling and dehumidifying the home’s air. There are many important reasons and benefits to include a tune-up for the air conditioning system on your yearly spring cleaning list.

Benefits of having AC or HVAC system professionally cleaned and maintained

A tune-up service for the air conditioning system ensures that it will operate efficiently, effectively and safely. A dirty or poorly lubricated motor could overheat, resulting in a system breakdown and a costly repair bill. A low coolant level could result in ineffective cooling and dehumidification of the home. Proper tune-up service checks for these issues as well as any other potential problems could prevent them from occurring. Its benefits are listed below:

  • Higher energy efficiency – Dust buildup, loose connections, and dirty coils considerably reduce an air conditioners efficiency.
  • Lower energy bills –When your HVAC system is inefficient, you pay a lot more for cooling your home than is necessary.
  • Lower carbon footprint –A well-maintained air conditioner uses less electricity, which means fewer greenhouse gas emissions associated with producing that electricity.
  • Fewer problems with your system –Poorly maintained air conditioners experience far more common and highly preventable problems during the cooling season than well-maintained systems.
  • Longer operating life – A well-maintained air conditioner can last longer than the typical life span of 10 to 15 years, while a poorly maintained system will fail sooner.


If your PTAC is not blowing hot air in winter, Don’t Panic!!!

Don’t get ripped off by someone. Be smart!!!. 

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  • The photo on the right side is called an Actuator.
  • It’s installed on the pipes attached to the PTAC.
  • If your PTAC is not blowing hot air, in 95% of the cases this little component is found defective that prevents the hot water or steam to pass through the coils and ultimately your PTAC stops blowing hot air.
  • There are PTAC companies operating in Manhattan, NY who would charge you unbelievable amounts of money (anywhere from $400 to $800) for this little issue that can be fixed on-site for a very reasonable price. You as a consumer end up spending a lot of money with these companies who take advantage of your situation because of winter time.
  • Call us, get our price, compare us with any other company.
  • You should pick up the one you believe is most honest and professional.

What is included in the AC Cleaning package?

A tune-up service for the air conditioning system works like tuning up service for the family car. Our skilled technician will perform a comprehensive inspection, cleaning, and testing of the AC or HVAC system to increase its efficiency and help prevent operating problems later on. Tune up will include these essential tasks:

  • A comprehensive system inspection
  • Filter replacement
  • Inspect and flush the condensate drain to prevent clogs later on, which can cause water damage in the home and shut down the air conditioner.
  • Lubricate the parts of the cooling system that move, such as the motor and fan, to prevent friction.
  • Inspect the terminals and wiring, tighten connections and apply a nonconductive coating to prevent the wires and terminals from corroding.
  • Clean and inspect essential components, including the fan, motor, and coils, to increase efficiency and help prevent premature failure.
  • Measure the refrigerant charge. Low refrigerant levels mean that either the system wasn’t properly charged when it was installed, or that you have a leak. Either way, if the system is low on refrigerant, it won’t operate properly and will experience a number of operating problems. If a leak is detected, it will be repaired and refrigerant will be added to meet the exact specifications of the system.
  • Inspect the seal between the ductwork and the main AC unit to ensure air isn’t leaking out.
  • Check the thermostat for accuracy and calibrate it if needed.
  • Inspect fuses and belts.
  • Inspect AC coils for scale, dirt and grime buildup, which reduces the efficiency of heat exchange.
  • Measure the airflow of the system to ensure it meets specifications
  • Running a system performance test

Most tune up services for ducted units will also include an inspection of the ductwork to ensure that the conditioned air will reach all areas of the home.

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We specialize in all types of PTAC Units, Heat & Cool Units  and Through-the-wall Air Conditioner installations  including other accessories;

  • Louvers & Grilles (Regular or Architectural)
  • Through-the-Wall Metal Sleeve (PTAC & Regular)
  • PTAC unit Heating coils & Cooling chassis
  • PTAC unit Valves, Traps, Sensors, and Thermostats
  • PTAC unit Room Cabinets and Enclosures
  • PTAC unit Plenum Assembly

When to schedule AC or HVAC Tune-up?

AC tune-up or service should ideally be performed in the spring before the cooling season begins, to ensure the cooling system is ready to go when the heat hits. Getting a tune-up or service early also ensures you beat the early summer rush when waiting times are long.

Always hire a reputable contractor for an air conditioning tune-up. Reputable contractors hire skilled technicians who participate in ongoing training in order to keep up with changing technologies and new techniques. They also typically have excellent professional service and guarantee their work.

Call PTAC HiTech at 516-309-0909 for Air conditioner cleaning, ac tune-up, ac preseason cleaning or ac spring cleaning in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, new york, NYC